The Cult

The Cult / 1
The Cult / 2
The Cult / 3
The Cult / 4
The Cult / 5
The Cult / 6
The Cult / 7
The Cult / 8
The Cult / 9

Photos: Ken Mürk

Style: Emma Eensalu

MUA: Kadi Rae

Models: Amanda Hermiine Künnaps, Kristjan Kaiva

Naked Design Magazine No 1


The Cult is a socially critical composition about millenials or the Y – generation. This is the first generation who’s consciousness can inhabit two worlds at the same time. One of them, a virtual world, filled with porn, tinder, anonymity and a variety of alter egos. The other, a real world, governed by social norms and expectations. Since these two consciousnesses share the same body, these two worlds are bound to collide, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts,jaded psyches and unhealthy relationships.

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