It’s a Trap?

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Photos: Marin Sild

MUAH: Maarja Linsi

Model: Ivor Mikker

Studio: Estonian Academy of Arts



Winner of ERKI fashionshow 2018

Winner of  Mood-Performance-Tants 2018

Participated in International Young Designers Contest 2018 &

Fashion Week Klaipeda 2019

Our everyday life is moving into a virtual world, a new reality created by man. A world
where anything is possible – reimagine the laws of physics, simulate the real world or
begin anew, one can make its own rules or have none at all. A thrilling man-made
window into a reality with endless new discoveries, where the mind is not bound by
a body, where it can choose a new form, or live completely without one.
Mind and body – can they exist on their own?

The late Stephen Hawking was a great example, showing inequality between ones
mind and body and the irreplaceable contribution made by technology into his legacy
and daily life. An augmented reality has become common for many. A growing number
of people inhabit two worlds at the same time – ones mind is in a rapidly expanding
virtual world and the body is left behind in our world with it’s everyday needs. When
the body fails, will the mind live on? Humanity is working on it and it is believed to
become a reality in the next 50 years. What will become of our corporal form? Do
we even need this shell, that can barely operate for a 100 years and uses massive
amounts of resources and care to do so. Has the body become an obstacle for the
mind in this information society, where it can’t simply use a diagnostic tool and scan
for errors. It happens quite often an ilness or fault in our body is found, when it has
already damaged other systems or caused irreversible harm. There is no market for
spare parts and there is no way to restart. Can todays impatient user in this techology
ridden world cope with a machine that cannot be upgraded or updated?

Although the development of technology and software have made a huge contribution
in the process of medical science, given us longevity and improved its quality, has our
body still become obsolete? Is it possible, that our consciousness would evolve much
faster when there would be no physical restrictions? Has our fragile body, made of
bone and muscle, become a burden to our mind? Why do humans only use a small
percentage of our brains, or why can an A.I. learn faster and more systematically?
Intelligence amplification is a rapidly growing field, but will our consciousness ever
be advanced enough to leave behind it’s corporal form – or is it a trap?

Fashion shows


ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 1
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 2
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 3
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 4
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 5
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 6
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 7
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 8
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 9
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 10
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 11
ERKI 2018 (Photo: Tiit Blaat) / 12


Fashion Week Klaipeda / 1
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 2
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 3
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 4
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 5
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 6
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 7
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 8
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 9
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 10
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 11
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 12
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 13
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 14
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 15
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 16
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 17
Fashion Week Klaipeda / 18
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Fashion Week Klaipeda / 21
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